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J3000XC (lower bin) container type asphalt mixing plant



J series asphalt mixing plants

J3000XC (lower bin) container type asphalt mixing plant

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  • The modular design of containerized mixing equipment, the overall compactness of the equipment, small footprint, convenient transportation, easy installation and removal. It can effectively improve the construction efficiency and ensure the shortening of the installation period.
  • The main burner adopts low-pressure atomized diesel/heavy oil dual-use burner. The burner is the most advanced drying and heating equipment in the world at present.
  • The equipment is equipped with a high-efficiency vibrating screen produced by the domestic well-known Green Industry, model 5ZF1950/37, in the form of a five-deck, double-vibration shaft linear screen.
  • The maximum stirring capacity of the reinforced mixing pot is 3300kg, ensuring an output of 240 tons per hour under standard working conditions.
  • The equipment adopts fully automatic unattended horizontal heat-conducting oil heating cut it has the function of automatic ignition and automatic monitoring of working status.
  • The equipment is equipped with a first-class gravity dust collector and a second-class cloth bag dust collector. The structure is compact and beautiful. The second level dust collector is pulse bag dust collector.
Item Unit Economic and technical indicators
Rated productivity t/hr. 200-240 (under standard working conditions)
End product bucket capacity t/M3 80/50
Installed capacity KW 656 (coal-fired) 581 (oil-fired)
Dust collecting effect mg/N·m3 ≤50
Noise in confrol room dB ≤70
Environmental noise dB ≤82
Metering accuracy Sand and gravel / Aggregate ±0.50%
Powder / Filler ±0.30%
Asphalt / Bitumen ±0.25%
Temperature control error ≤±5
Fuel consumption Kg/t Coal dust ≤15 Heavy oil ≤6.0
Control manner Computer automatic control, electrical operation and
 equipped with manual overload control

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J3000CN (side bin) container type asphalt mixing plant

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