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RAP series asphalt hot regeneration mixing plant


Mixing equipment Asphalt


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RAP series asphalt hot regeneration mixing plant

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Item RAP1000 RAP1500 RAP2000
Total installed capacity(kw) 150 183 198
Old material heating yield(t/h) 60-80 90-120 120-160
Matching models LB2000 LB3000 J3000-J4000
Output (t/h) 120-160 180-240 240-320
Maximum amount of old material added (%) ≤45
Host footprint (L×W) 10×3.5 12×3.5 14×3.5
Fuel consumption rate (Kg) ≤6.0
Fuel type Heavy Oil / Light Oil / Natural Gas
Temperature control (℃) ±5

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