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J1500CN (side bin) asphalt mixing plant

J1500 asphalt mixing equipment is a product with contemporary international advanced level developed and produced by our company according to the market demand.


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J series asphalt mixing plants

J1500CN (side bin) asphalt mixing plant

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J1500 type asphalt mixing plant is a product with contemporary international advanced level developed and produced by our company according to the market demand.

Modular design, convenient transportation, each module according to the transportation requirements, not super high, not super wide, so that the installation and removal of equipment as easy. The whole equipment is compact and occupies a small area. The dust collection system is combined with the first and second dust collection systems, which can save the area of the equipment.
Dosing system adopts modular type cold bin and belt feeder controlled by frequency-controlled motor to feed.
The drying system is mainly composed of drying cylinder, main combustor and fuel supply system. The drying cylinder adopts four reducer motors, which are connected with four friction wheels respectively through cross-head universal coupling, with the advantages of installation error compensation, high transmission efficiency and smooth transmission. It adopts the most advanced international low-pressure atomization burner with the adjustment ratio of 10:1.
The powder supply system adopts the upper and lower garden column type, the tank and the cone part of the double-layer arch-breaking pneumatic blowing device, to ensure uniform and continuous supply of powder configuration special spiral butterfly valve to ensure the weighing accuracy. The bag filter on the top of the new powder tank ensures the reliable work of new powder conveying.
The control system with international advanced level adopts international famous brand electrical components and programmable controller, computer, etc. Stable performance, easy to use and reliable. Through the computer.
It can realize dynamic display and record of weighing process, and print production records, etc.

Item J1500   Production capacity(t/h) 90-120
Capacity per pot (kg) 1500   Length×width(m) 3.2×2.5
Sand and gravel ±0.3% Doser Hopper capacity(m3) 7.3
Measurement accuracy Powder ±0.2%   Width(mm) 500
Asphalt ±0.1% Aggregate Belt Machine Power(kw) 5.5
Temperature control accuracy(℃) ≤±5   Diameter×Length(m) 1.8×6.5
Dust removal efficiency(mg/Nm3) ≤25 Drying cylinder Power(kw) 4×11
Total installed capacity(kw) 293   Length×width(m) 4.6×1.9
Weighing Hopper Capacity Stone(kg) 1670 Vibrating Screens Power(kw) 2×5.5
Powder(kg) 300   Capacity(kg) 1500
Asphalt(kg) 225 Mixing pot Power(kw) 2×22

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