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LB2000XC asphalt mixing plant



LB Series Asphalt Mixing Equipment

LB2000XC asphalt mixing plant

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LB2000XC asphalt mixing plant is a mature product of our company, which has been developed independently and manufactured professionally for more than 20 years, absorbed international advanced technology and undergone continuous technical improvement. The equipment has been relied on by many domestic and foreign highway, airport construction and municipal road construction units for its reliable quality and convenient operation.

The series of products are configured under the mixing cylinder, which abandon the conventional lifting track, winch and bucket truck with high failure rate, compact structure and small footprint, improving the stability and safety of the equipment; at the same time, the temperature loss of the mixture is small and saves energy.

Item Unit Economic and technical indicators
Rated productivity t/hr. 120-160 (under standard working conditions)
End product bucket capacity t/M3 80/50
Installed capacity KW 493 (coal-fired) 483 (oil-fired)
Dust collecting effect mg/N·m3 ≤50
Noise in confrol room dB ≤70
Environmental noise dB ≤82
Metering accuracy Sand and gravel / Aggregate ±0.50%
Powder / Filler ±0.30%
Asphalt / Bitumen ±0.25%
Temperature control error ≤±5
Fuel consumption Kg/t Coal dust ≤15 Heavy oil ≤6.0
Control manner Computer automatic control, electrical operation and 
equipped with manual overload control

  *Since our products are constantly updated, if there is any data discrepancy, the actual product shall prevail.


LB2000CN (side bin) asphalt mixing plant

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