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LB1500CN asphalt mixing plant



LB Series Asphalt Mixing Equipment

LB1500CN asphalt mixing plant

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Equipment name: intermittent microcomputer fully automatic control of asphalt mixture mixing equipment

Equipment model: LB-1500CM type

Production rate: 90-120 t/h (under standard working condition)

Measuring accuracy: sand and gravel material: ±0.5%

Powder: ±0.25%

Leaching: ±0.25%

Dust emission concentration: ≤100 mg/N-m3

Soot blackness: Ringerman blackness ≤ Ⅰ

Dimension(L×W×H): 38m×35m×18m(standard configuration)

Machine weight: 268t(standard configuration)

Installed capacity: 393KW (standard configuration)

Operation room noise: ≤70 db

Environmental noise: ≤83 db

Temperature control error: the discharge temperature can be set arbitrarily, the control mode is automatic control, also can be manually controlled, the control error is within ±5℃.

Control mode: Microcomputer full automatic control, electrical operation with manual overload control.




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