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HJ4000 Environmentally Friendly Containerized Asphalt Mixing Plant



HJ Series Asphalt Mixing Equipment

HJ4000 Environmentally Friendly Containerized Asphalt Mixing Plant

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  HJ4000 environmental protection container type asphalt mixing plant is the latest and most advanced technology of Wuxi Huatong environmental protection asphalt mixing plant in China. The whole machine has excellent performance, adopts humanized design to make the structure scientific and reasonable, and adopts a lot of wear-resistant, anti-vibration and anti-corrosion materials, and the equipment has environmental protection, energy saving and low emission to ensure the stable performance of the equipment in long-term operation.

• The main building of the mixing plant is designed with container structure, there are 7 containers, 5 of which are 12m×3.6m×3.5m, and the container shell is welded with 3mm waveform steel.
• The container adopts negative pressure fan to ventilate and remove dust, and the appearance is neat and beautiful. It adopts large light-transmitting glass, which is convenient for maintenance and ventilation.
• The installation and disassembly is very convenient and quick, which shortens the time to save material and equipment transportation, safe and reliable than the main building of the site mixing station into the outside package.
• Enclosed cold aggregate dispensing system: The cold material bin is closed in the form of separate bins, and the dustproof soft curtain effectively prevents the rapid spillage of dust. Automatic induction feeding, through the electric dampers will be dust sucked into the special bag dust collector processing.
• Fully enclosed belt feeding system cold aggregate conveying belt adopts sealed bag form to effectively prevent the overflow of loading dust.
• Specially designed asphalt, heavy oil fume and dust collection system, through a special pipeline to strongly collect the asphalt fume and dust generated during the production process for organized centralized treatment.
• Matching fume treatment equipment and desulfurization tower part of the mixing plant ensure the user to pass the qualified report of the third-party testing agency of the environmental protection department in the local area.

Item Unit Economic and technical indicators
Rated productivity t/hr. 280-320 (under standard working conditions)
End product bucket capacity t/M3 100/60
Installed capacity KW Standard 870 (including desulfurization tower and flue gas treatment equipment 1050)
Dust collecting effect mg/N·m3 ≤50
Noise in confrol room dB ≤70
Environmental noise dB ≤82
Metering accuracy Sand and gravel / Aggregate ±0.50%
Powder / Filler ±0.30%
Asphalt / Bitumen ±0.25%
Temperature control error ≤±5
Fuel consumption Kg/t ≤6.0
Control manner Computer automatic control, electrical operation and
 equipped with manual overload control

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