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HJ4000 (plant type) environmental protection asphalt mixing plant



HJ Series Asphalt Mixing Equipment

HJ4000 (plant type) environmental protection asphalt mixing plant

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  • Factory type environmental protection type mixing plant is a steel structure plant built to meet the local environmental protection requirements, the mixing plant system equipment and stone quarries are designed in the plant.
  • In order to save the investment of steel structure plant, the 3000-4000 mixing plant is divided into several assemblies, which reduces the height of the main machine, generally the height of 3000 plant is 15 meters, and the height of 4000 plant is 18 meters.
  • In addition to the dust recovery system and asphalt fume treatment system, the factory type environmental protection mixing plant is also equipped with a dust collection and treatment system. The dust generated from stone storage is also equipped with corresponding ventilation equipment and micro-mist dust reduction equipment.
Item Unit Economic and technical indicators
Rated productivity t/hr. 280-320
Installed capacity KW 780 (excluding finished goods warehouse)
Dust collecting effect mg/N·m3 ≤50
Noise in confrol room dB ≤70
[dB (A)]Environment Noise Outdoor dB ≤40
Volume Mixing Container(Kg/Batch) kg ≤4000
Plant’s height m 18.5
Oil Consumption (Kg/t) ≤6.5
Fuel variety (℃) Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas
Product Temperature (℃) 140-170
Aggregate cumulative metering accuracy Sand and gravel / Aggregate ±0.33%
Asphalt material measurement accuracy Powder / Filler ±0.18%
Powder metering accuracy Asphalt / Bitumen ±0.22%
Deviation Of Stone And Fuel Ratio   ±0.3%
(℃)Accuracy Of Discharging Temperature Stability   ±5
Control manner Computer automatic control, electrical operation and
 equipped with manual overload control

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