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J5000CN (side-loading bin) containerized asphalt mixing plant



J series asphalt mixing plants

J5000CN (side-loading bin) containerized asphalt mixing plant

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The main feature of J series asphalt mixing plant is that it adopts container type modular structure, which is fast in transportation, convenient in installation, compact in structure, small in footprint and foundationless in design. This series of products are equipped with advanced automatic control and monitoring system, which makes the equipment more reliable. The containerized modular structure is designed according to the national road transport specification.

• Modular design, convenient transportation, easy dismantling and transfer of equipment, can effectively improve the construction efficiency and ensure the installation schedule requirements.
• The dust removal system is combined and high placement system is equipped with one level of inertia dust collector and two levels of bag dust collector. Compact and beautiful structure, high dust removal efficiency, powder supply system close to the main building, the whole equipment is compact, space-saving, reasonable layout and easy to install.
• Unique foundation-less design, no need for pre-buried bolts and structural parts, avoiding installation errors caused by foundation fabrication errors, installation and disassembly are very convenient, greatly saving installation and commissioning time and foundation fabrication costs.
• The drying system mainly consists of drying cylinder, main fuel injector and fuel supply system. The drying cylinder adopts four reducer motors, which are connected with four friction wheels respectively through cross-head universal coupling, with the advantages of installation error compensation, high transmission efficiency and smooth transmission. The big circle and the carrier wheel are forged with 45 steel, which is durable and wear-resistant.

Item Unit Economic and technical indicators
Rated productivity t/hr. 350-400 (under standard working conditions)
Bottom and side product warehouse t/M3 200/120
Installed capacity KW 1120
Dust collecting effect mg/N·m3 ≤50
Noise in confrol room dB ≤70
Environmental noise dB ≤82
Metering accuracy Sand and gravel / Aggregate ±0.50%
Powder / Filler ±0.30%
Asphalt / Bitumen ±0.25%
Temperature control error ≤±5
Fuel consumption Kg/t Heavy oil ≤ 6.0
Control manner Computer automatic control, electrical operation and 
equipped with manual overload control

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J5000XC (lower bin) container type asphalt mixing plant

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