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Company profile

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Wuxi Huatong Highway Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuxi Huatong”), is located in Wuxi National High-Tech Development District in Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Beijing Hangzhou Grande Canal and beautiful Taihu Lake, only less than 5 minutes car drive to Shanghai Nanjing Express Highway, Beijing Shanghai Express Highway and Wuxi Airport. The traffic is very convenient.


The plant of Wuxi Huatong covers an area of 66700m2, including main production workshops 36000m2, office and technical building 3000m2. There are about 300 full time employees at present, including 60 senior, medium level technical personnel. The registered capital is RMB 10 million Yuan and total asset value reaches RMB 230 million Yuan, including fixed assets RMB 170 million Yuan and working capital RMB 50 million Yuan.


As a vice director unit of Road Machinery Branch of China Construction Machinery Association, Wuxi Huatong is the main drafting unit of current national industry standards JT/T-2002 Asphalt Mixing Equipment and JT/T137-2005 Highway Asphalt Storehouse.


Wuxi Huatong has always been committed to the development and innovation of the products, developed actively its own core technologies. Under the guiding principles of independent intellectual property rights, and the management concept of “Innovative, pragmatic, efficient" and people-oriented spirit, the Company has cultivated a powerful research and technical team. In these years, the Company has got 4 design patents and 7 utility models issued by State Intellectual Property Rights Office, and many national level, ministry-level and provincial level honor titles, such as: New Products, High-Tech Products, New and High-Tech Enterprise etc.


Wuxi Huatong passed ISO9001 quality control system certification and CCC national mandatory quality certification. The production plants and testing facilities are complete. When the products were inspected by Xi'an Road Construction Machinery Testing Center, all technical performance indicators conformed to JT/T270-2002 standard. The overall performance of plants is at the advanced level in the industry.

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